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Aug 20, 2018 at 10:49 AM

Account Dimension Hierarchy order is changing

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Hi All,

We got migrated from SAP BPC 10.0 to SAP BPC 10.1. on NW CPMBPC 810 SP 13 & SAP BW 7.4
1. Account hierarchies in SAP 10.1 admin are not in the same hierarchical order as in SAP BPC 10.0 admin. It should be exactly same. How is it possible?
2. Also if we go in deep a little bit, In 10.0 we are able to see all sub hierarchies (non-alphabetical order) & child members (alphabetical order) when particular hierarchy is selected (For example : H1)
3. where as in 10.1 when H1 is selected in Hierarchy view for account dimension it is showing all the base members in alphabetical order with capacity of page of 100 (For next 100 items we have to click “Next 100 items” button at the end). We are unable to see all sub hierarchies of H1 in first page and in the same order as in 10.0.
4. Once solution is found, we have to ensure that sequence of member in hierarchy becomes non – alphabetical for sub hierarchies (Point No 3) instead of the original sequence after loading hierarchy using Data Manager. After transporting the objects through landscape it should not change.
5. Example: 10.0 when H1 is selected then it will show sub hierarches in non-alphabetical order starting with ZXXX, SXXX,AXXX,… followed by child members(of ZXXX, SXXX,AXXX) in alphabetical order A,B,C,D,E,F,……. Y,Z all in one page. Just we need to scroll down
Where as in 10.1 when H1 is selected it is showing as A,B,C,D,E,F,……. In multiple pages with a button provision as click “Next 100 items”.