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Aug 20, 2018 at 07:34 AM

Stand-alone program to generate SAPScript Pick List output


Dear experts,

I need advice on how I can successfully execute an existing SAPScript form (Pick List based on process orders) from a stand-alone executable report program. Here's what I have done:-

1) Create a new stand-alone executable report program that allows the user to input the desired process orders

2) The new stand-alone program should check and validate the process orders that are specified by the user

3) The new stand-alone program will allow the user to click on a "Print Pick List" button for the selected process orders that have passed the validation criteria

4) The issue that I am facing is in the printing functionality of the Pick List here

In the existing Pick List print program, it executes the include program, LCODRINC that imports all the required data concerning the process order. However, I am unable to use this same approach, because the new stand-alone program is executed separately from any memory sessions of any process orders. Any ideas on can I resolve this issue?


I have tried to manually retrieve data from data dictionary tables, but there are still some crucial data missing here, i.e. "ITAB" and "ITAB_TEMP" as per the include program, LCODRINC.

Appreciate any input at all. Thanks.