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Aug 18, 2018 at 03:19 AM

ATP issue with batch managed product



I am facing issue where delivery batch determination keeps picking batch that does not have any available qty. It does not pick next available batch. In our system PGI's are done at night so these deliveries will be created throughout the day and shipment is at night.

Scenario is as follows

Total Available qty 100 - Batch A1 has qty of 80 and Batch A2 has qty 20

Sales Order 1 - qty of 50 - Delivery determines batch A1 correctly.

Sales Order 2 - qty of 50 - Delivery determines batch A1 again instead of doing batch split to fill 30 from A1 and 20 from A2.

We are using 01 ATP Group in APO to confirm order- this is same as checking group 01 in ECC.

Am I missing something in my config?