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Jun 04, 2009 at 06:48 PM

Message Mapping: Signature/Parameters: Where to get values for these fields


Hello All,

We have a custom interface which after getting data from 3rd party, does an RFC lookup to ECC to get default data and then creates an IDOC in PI and pushs it finally to ECC. (JDBC-get-rfc-data-IDOC)

It was working fine but has stopped working throwing a message mapping error when transported to a new system.

I realised the earlier developer had used an RFC function in mapping and also created some constants which are defined in the Message-Mapping >Signature tab >Sub-tab PARAMETERS .

these Constants have been used in some CONSTANT function where value for the constant is defined as a word enclosed withing $ sign (dollar sign) e.g Constant = $compcode$

I do not know how does the sytem get value for this $constant$. Can we define the values for these $constants$ somewhere or is some RFC function responsible for this. I am unable to find out. ( This error is encountered when I test the message payload directly in Message Mapping test tab)

Also wanted to add that during the message mapping test, the error message apart from being about the constants also mentions "No value assigned to parameter DEVRFC_GETVAL"._

"DEVRFC_GETVAL" is a comm channel and is being used in the mapping program to get values from ECC._

Appreciate if you could point me to to right direction. I am on PI - 7.10

Many thanks


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