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Jun 04, 2009 at 05:47 PM

Form Routines Calculation problems.



we have written one VOFM routine for the Calculation of Profit Margin and Gross Margin in the Sales Order.

The Problem is we need to show the value in the Sales Order as

for example if the Profit Margin % is 0.27, then i need to display it as something 27.xx.

The above scenario is working fine. we are multiplying the value with 100 and assigning to a character filed.

and the character field we are passing to XKWERT and the value is coming perfectly.

But the Problem is when the Profit Margin is 0.09%, when we multiply with 100, we are getting the value as 9.xx.

when we assign it to XKWERT field from the character field , it is converting 9.xx as 9x.xx.

Could you please tell me how to resolve the above problem.

in the routines we are unable to perform arithmetic operations between Currency values.