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Jun 04, 2009 at 04:40 PM

MRP+Batch determination/restriction complex scenario


I have a very complex issue with MRP and Batch Determination. Here is my

situation. Please help me find a solution.

I have materials which are batch managed and each material can have numerous batches based on the quality (80%, 70%, 90%). Materials can have up to 100-150 batches. Some batches can be used only by some customers (Plants, Customers) in different countries because of legal issues. When

we run an MRP, MRP doesn't care which batch it is, it just creates planned orders/purchase reqs based on the quantity, material and plant. Just to give you an example, Lets say we have material A which as 2 batches Batch 1 and Batch 2. Lets say we have customer x and Customer y. Customer X can use only Batch 1 for the material not batch 2 because of legal issues and standards. Customer y can use Batch 1 and also batch 2. When we run an MRP, MRP is suggesting to send batch 2 to customer x which is not right. Storage location creation is out of question coz of business requirement in those countries.

Is there any user exit or enhancements that i can look into, or can I accomplish this through custom z tables/tcodes ? Is there any other way I can handle this through master data change ?

Please help me out on this and let me know what other possible ways we can handle this issue.