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Jun 04, 2009 at 02:51 PM

Value contract


Hi gurus,

I need your help with Value contracts in SD with a SAP ECC6, highest support package is SAPKB70015. I customized a value contract linked to a monthly billing plan and have 2 kinds of problems:

1. I have a pricing procedure with 2 kinds of price: a manual price and an automatic price. When I create a value contract, the system update pricing with the condion record value (I used the VK11 to create it) but if I add a manual price, the system correctly deactivate the automatic price and take in account only the manual price, but does not update the Target Value which stay the same of automatic price. For example:

t1: contract creation

ZPVC 1.000,00


TOTAL 1.000,00 Target Value 1.000,00

t1: contract creation, pricing change

ZPVC 1.000,00

ZVMP 5.000,00

TOTAL 5.000,00 Target Value 1.000,00

2. the second problem is that when I start to invoice the value contract, the system does not update the Value Released with the already invoiced amounts, even if in the Billing Plan View invoiced amounts have status "C".

Hope you can help me soon. Thanks in advance.