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Aug 16, 2018 at 02:14 PM

Cannot Create New Files or Folders in SAP Web IDE Full Stack


I seem to be unable to create any new files using the SAP Web IDE Full Stack. This issue occurred yesterday. I go to the context menu and select New -> File. Same issue occurs if I go New-> Folder. I type in my file and folder name, and hit okay and then nothing happens. The OK button becomes disabled and nothing happens. I can change the file or folder name after hitting OK and the button is active, but then becomes disabled again after hitting OK. This means that I cannot create any files or folders of any kind. The workaround is to copy and paste existing folders, but it is not a sustainable workaround. Renaming works too. I am using the SAP Cloud Platform Trial version of SAP Web IDE Full Stack in case you are wondering. I have attached the error from Chrome's console for your reference.


console-error.png (136.9 kB)