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Jun 04, 2009 at 12:12 PM

Configure BO services to run under a user that has the EN_US locale


Hi all,

My question is following a previous thread on a known issue where a work-around has been proposed by Efstratios Karaivazoglou (Thanks for that):

BusinessObjects Integration Kits

I thought a new thread would be more appropriate since this is basically a whole new question.

The proposed work-around is the following:

"please configure the BO services on your windows server to run under a user (belonging to the local administrators group) that has the EN_US locale set in its default profile. This is a known problem of WebI and the SAP integration KIT running on an international (e.g german) version of windows."

Regarding that work-around two questions came up:

(1) "BO services" mean basically the BOE MySQL database service and the Apache Tomcat service, right?

(2) A user that has the "EN_US locale set in its default profile": Where in the user profile settings would you set the locale to EN_US? I just had a look at the user properties in "Computer Management" on the windows server and haven`t seen this property.

Unfortunately we don`t have the FixPack 1.3 installed yet (which is supposed to solve the problem).

Many thanks in advance for your help.

Best regards,