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Jun 04, 2009 at 12:07 PM

ABAP Routine for TEXT characteristic in trnasformation: How to replace char


Good afternoon

I am not an ABAP'er, but require assistance to do the following please?

I load TEXT from a database via DB connect. The db field is 120 u2018varchar2u2019 in length, but I split it into two fields in the transformations. Both fields = 60 characters.

The 120 text field contains several ' ! ' anywhere in the text. It so happens that when I split it into 2, that the u2018 ! u2018 can be the first character of the second text field. This is rejected when the data is activated in DSO. They do not want to exclude this from the data on the db itself. I want to write a routine on the TEXT characteristic in the transformations to replace the u2018 ! u2018 with a space/or other character.

This is the routine that I have on the second text field currently.

result = source_fields-claim_text1+60(60).

Now I want to add a routine that will replace the u2018 ! u2018 when itu2019s the first character of the second text field.

Can any of the ABAP programmers be of assistance please?

Many thanks in advanceu2026