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LSMW Interest Rate Instrument - 55A


I downloaded a transaction with FTR_BAPI (Prod type 55A) and tried to upload with LSMW (Business Object Method BUS5550) but I get an error and I can't identify it .

Error is


An error has occurred assigning data (E1BP_FTR_CREATE_IRATE)

Message No. B1527


To call a BAPI the IDoc data must first be assigned to the relevant BAPI interface parameters.

An error has occured when carrying out this operation, possibly due to an incorrect data type or data format in the segment E1BP_FTR_CREATE_IRATE.


Check that the data types in the IDoc data record matches the data types in the BAPI parameter.


I run FM BAPI_FTR_IRATE_CREATE with the same parameters of IDOC and it works, but I can't get LSMW to work. I analyzed IDOC output with WE19, WE09 and copy parameters from the BAPI, but the same error. According to the message there is an error in data in IDCO, but I can't find out what is the error and no log to read about.

I'm working on ERP 617 and installed sap note 2285810, 2347644, 2342512

Any ideas ?

Kind Regards

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    Nov 15, 2016 at 10:53 PM

    Well, I finally got it.

    The problem was with amounts formats.

    FTR_BAPI downloaded amounts with format NNN.NNN.NNN,DD (comma separator) according to my user profile but FM IDOC_INPUT_FTR_IRATE_CREATE expected format NNNNNNNNN.DD (point separator). When it tries to execute line 87


    There is a SY-SUBRC = 1 which is catch at line 150, only after the MOVE sentenceI saw the INTERESTRATEINSTRUMENT was filled only with date fields (START_TERM, END_TERM) but nominal amount was empty and all values after that.

    Also INTERESTRATEINSTRUMENT-INTERESTRATE must have a point as decimal separator.

    Only way to discover the error, is put a break in Function Module IDOC_INPUT_FTR_IRATE_CREATE (or the corresponding one) and debug with F5, F6, F7 keys.

    Hope this helps someone ;-)

    Kind Regards

    PS : Date format is YYYYMMDD

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