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Jun 04, 2009 at 06:24 AM

SAP - PI - FTP scenerio.


Hi Experts,

Though this is a PI forum , Iwill ask an ALE IDOc concept out here, as some of the best PI consultants are also excellent Interface (ALE-IDOC) experts, as interfaceing needs complete end to end knowledge.

We use BD10 transaction to send materail master data, out in teh form of idocs. If we do any change in the master data , in MM02, we need to resend them again using BD21. But in that case we need to keep in mind, those fields , we have changed , must be maintained in BD52 transaction, i.e. table , and field name against the given messege type. And then,, when ever we make a change in such FIELDS, we can see the reflection in the table called BDCPV table, meaning mandatory changes needed.

However if we do not maintain it in BD52, then though the changed values can be seen in CDPOS , but wont be reflected in BDCPV table. So if we use BD21 in this case,, idoc will NOT SEND teh CHANGED Values.

Pls correct me , if i say, teh difference between BD10 nad BD21 is only the fact that the BD21 is used for those materails , for whomm BD10 has been triggered, and new changes [ if maintained in BD52] , needs to be RESEND out as idocs.

Please correct me if my understanding is OK or not.