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Jun 03, 2009 at 10:54 PM

XI 3.1 with SAP IK 3.1 SSO for InfoView from Enterprise Portal (via HTTPS)



I have a client that would like to hook up thier BOE XI 3.1 to SAP netweaver BW 7.

The SAP BW environment including Enterprise Portal is setup to only allow https connection.


Is it proper to configure Websphere (WAS the client is using) 6.1 to use https, alone...without configure BOE XI 3.1 with SSL?


When I configure Websphere without enabling SSL on SIA, I get an error indicating the cms must be down or unavailable.

The values set in the WebSphere JVM arguements are similar to:

-Dbusinessobjects.orb.oci.protocol=ssl -DcertDir=d:\ssl -DtrustedCert=cacert.der -DsslCert=clientcert.der -DsslKey=client.key


When I enable SSL on the SIA, and provide the certificates created via the XI 3.1 Admin Guide with the sslc utility, I am able to then connect into InfoView & CMC.

However, none of the client tools (Crystal, Universe Designer, WebiRichClient etc) works.

The Admin Guide, says all client tools will need be configured for SSL as well.

Are there instructions for doing so?

Nothing in the doc on configuring the client tools such as Crystal/Designer/WebiRichClient for ssl?

Is this done on the RUN command line when the tool is launch?

2) If I don't enable SSL via the SIA, how do I get WebSphere61 to still communicate via https and work properly with BOE?



Distributed Deployment (Web, Intelligence, Processing)

SAP IK 3.1 FP 1.3

BOE XI 3.1 FP 1.3

LiveOffice XI 3.1, FP 1.3

CR 2008 SP1


JDK 1.5