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Jun 03, 2009 at 09:16 PM

How to collect BRF results across Expressions?


I'd like to collect structured results from each BRF Expression within an internal table that can be presented to the user in the last Expression or made available to the initiating ABAP program for controlled presentation to the user. In essence, the Event would be a logical group of validations, the Expressions would represent individual validations, and this collection of results would support showing the user all errors in a single presentation.

Is this a practical objective/application for the BRF in ECC?

Can a Reference-Like Expression (0RF001) be defined for an internal table and updated with the results as a parameter of the Action FM?

If so, how is this Expression/Table made available to the final FM Expression (0CF001) that would present the list of errors? How might it be made available to the initiating ABAP program, when the Context indicated that the triggering program wanted to control presentation of the results?

I appreciate your insight, ideas, and alternative suggestions.

- Cheryl Knott