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Jun 03, 2009 at 08:52 PM

Garnishment Proration



I am dealing with Garnishments of equal priority and same recieved date. In this

case, the system should determine the actual dedcutions as a % of the

total Garnishment dedcution. In such a case, the system treats them according to the

ratio of their dedcution amounts on their respective orders.

Example: Garnishments of equal priority and same recieved date. No sufficient disposable net amount.

IT 0195 Deduction Amounts

Garnishment Order # 1: 200$

Garnishment Order # 1: 300$

Allowable Disposable Net : 450$

Expected Result : Acutal Deductions will be :

Order #1 = 200/(200+300)*450 = 180

Order #2 = 300/(200+300)*450 = 270

But this is not happening in our processing with standard SAP


This is what is happening in our system:

Case 1: Error Type 1: Prorating one but not the other

Acutal Deductions are

Order #1 = 200

Order #2 = 250

Case 2: Error Type 2: Prorating both equally irrespective of the ratio

of the deduction amounts.

Acutal Deductions are

Order #1 = 225

Order #2 = 225

All the SAP notes provided (521207 - Q&A: Master Note for U.S. Garnishments; 369934 - FAQ: US Garnishment Processing; 534441 - FAQ: Understanding garnishment cluster tables; 524060 - FAQ: Understanding the garnishment payroll log) references that the standard SAP system should be able to handle the proration correctly and there is no need of customization.

Can anyone suggest me,

Inorder to achieve the expected result, should we customize the rules/schems?

If so, is it advisable to customize SAP delivered Garnishment rules/schemas?

Thanks in advance.