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Jun 03, 2009 at 08:30 PM

ACK_ channel for handling ALEAUD back to ECC system



I have created a channel called ACK_Receiver_XI_TO_ECC for sending ALEAUD for all IDOC's that are received from ECC to XI. I also have another receiver IDOC channel for all IDOCs that are sent from XI to ECC. I read in one of the pdf's that when there are multiple receiver IDOC communcation channels, the one starting with Ack_ is chosen to send the ALEAUD. But in my case, in Development and QA system it is correctly picking the Ack_.. channel but in production it is picking the other receiver IDOC communication channel. Any ideas why and how this can be rectified? I have the "Restore original parties.." option checked on the Ack_.. one and not on the other so the selection of the other in production is giving me the "Unable to convert sender service to ALE logical system" error.