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Jun 03, 2009 at 05:17 PM

Portal Clarification - Load balancing portal request in R/3 Application ser



Request your opinion and clarification for below query.

- we have configured SAPu2019s web dispatcher in DMZ zone to point to SAP Portal 7.0 (ms http port of portal java engine).

-at portal, on system object creation for backend ECC 6.0, we have configured ECC CI hostname and http port no. for ITS and WAS(to use the logon groups )

if I use the parameter icm/server_http_port0 in R/3, then load balancing does not work for portal request, all portal request are seen in CI server only, why is load balancing does not work ?

it only works for ms/server_http_port0, so when i access the url of webdispatcher, I can access the portal and requests are directed to R/3 application server. This is possible only thru message server load balancing option

As per SAP Note 1040325 - HTTP load balancing: Message Server or Web Dispatcher?

But SAP recommends to use sap web dispatcher for load balancing, so my questions are

1. should I use another web dispatcher now for load balancing

2. if so, then should I point the portalu2019s system object to webdispatcher host name and port no. ( this does not work)

3. if I use the parameter icm/server_http_port0 , then load balancing does not work

Am i missing something