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Jun 03, 2009 at 02:55 PM

Saving Workbook to Role Question


Hi, We have saved a 3.5 workbook to a Role in BWD and Transported to BWQ. In QA when we use BEx to open the Report we see it in the Role and can open it, but the workbook doesn't show up in the Role on the GUI User Menu. I was thinking that saving the workbook to a role would add it to PFCG so they could see it in their GUI User menu.

Also, when I try to add a BW Report manually to PFCG it creates an entry that opens up the 7.x version and the report doesn't show up.

1. Why can I see it in the role when I open the workbook in BEx

2. Why can't I see it in the SAP GUI User Menu

3. What's the difference between seeing it in the BEx Role vs. the PFCG Role

Can anyone help with this?