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Jun 03, 2009 at 01:02 PM

Add fields in transformations in BI 7 (best practice)?


Hi Experts,

I have a question regarding transformation of data in BI 7.0.


Add new fields in a second level DSO, based on some manipulation of first level DSO data. In 3.5 we would have used a start routine to manipulate and append the new fields to the structure.

Possible solutions:

1) Add the new fields to first level DSO as well (empty)

- Pro: Simple, easy to understand

- Con: Disc space consuming, performance degrading when writing to first level DSO

2) Use routines in the field mapping

- Pro: Simple

- Con: Hard to performance optimize (we could of course fill an internal table in the start routine and then read from this to get some performance optimization, but the solution would be more complex).

3) Update the fields in the End routine

- Pro: Simple, easy to understand, can be performance optimized

- Con: We need to ensure that the data we need also exists (i.e. if we have one field in DSO 1 that we only use to calculate a field in DSO 2, this would also have to be mapped to DSO 2 in order to exist in the routine).

Does anybody know what is best practice is? Or do you have any experience regarding what you see as the best solution?

Thank you in advance,