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Jun 03, 2009 at 09:26 AM

ABAP Trial performance really SLOW compared with IDES 4.7 (really fast)


Hi all

just a quick question

I'm running on an XP Virtual machine the full IDES V4.7 and performance is really GOOD. Transactions etc etc.

Now on an identically configfured Virtual machine with similar disks etc the APAP trial Preview runs FAR WORSE and slower. OK I know it's a newer release but there's no transactional stuff in it. The IDES uses around 45 - 60 GB disk soace BTW

The only difference I can see that might make a huge difference is the IDES uses the ORACLE DB system wheras the ABAP preview uses MAXDB DB system.

Incidentally for running VM's ALWAYS allocate the FULL virtual disk size you want when creating the VM. If you let the disks "grow" as in a normal VM this has horrendous implications for database type of applications.

Both VM's are running as 2GB RAM XP systems on a Host Windows 7 X-64 4GB machine.

Any Guru out there who might be able to explain the great IDES performance compared with the ABAP trial preview.

(Both VM's are run individually -- not at the same time).