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Jun 03, 2009 at 09:05 AM

Asset useful life (in days)



My company used a depreciation key to depreciate asset on a daily basis.

Under the AS03, depn tab, the useful life is indicated as 10 years, 8 mths / period. Depreciation start date 13.04.2007. Capitalized date also 13.04.2007.

When clicked on "asset values", under the "parameters" tab, the remaining life calculation is wrong.

In fiscal year 2009,

useful life is 010 years 008

Expired usefile life is 001 263

remaining life is 008 yrs 110.

Why has it turned into days instead of months ? Can I change this ? I want it to be consistent. It should either be in days or in periods. Or else the remaining life calculation will be wrong.

Now when add the expired life & remainining life, it is not equal to useful life. It has become 373 days (110 + 263). Is that column is days or periods ?

Will the remaining life show in the system affect my depreciation calculation if I changed my depreciation key to "NBV over remaining life" ?

Please help and advise.