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Jun 03, 2009 at 08:12 AM

Text Item relev for pricing?


Hai guys,

In the Material Determination, (where the system replaces the unavailable quantities with alternate quantities), which is working fine but the problem is that a separate line is created for available qty for main article also.

eg. A001 (75 available) is substituted with B001 (200 available) in case of shortages.

The system behaves like this:-

10. A001 - 100 qty --- ItemCateg. TAX

20. A001 - 75 qty --- Item Categ. TAPS

30. B001 - 25 qty --- Item Categ. TAPS

So the system calulates the price for 175 qty of A001 & 25 qty of B001.

To avoid this, I had changed the TAX to be a text item, relevant for delivery & no pricing. Now the sales order value is for A001 - 75 qty & B001 - 25 qty only.

However in the incompletion log, I am being asked to fill the Net Value for item 10. A001 - 100 qty, but the fields are greyed out.

The delivery created from this contains items 20 & 30 only, but when creating the billing document it is blocked / not processed with the message that "The sales doc SO.NO is incomplete and cannot be processed".

How to make sure that TAX is not relevant for pricing, so that I don't get the incompletion? Can somebody suggest me the right way to do it?


Maheshwaran. I