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Jun 02, 2009 at 11:31 PM

VB6 Crystal 8 run time error 20534 "error detected by database dll"


Help! I've inherited a VB6 that launches a Crystal report from within; it is using Crystal 8.

The error I'm getting is "Run time error 20534, Error detected by database dll". When I step through in the debugger, the offending line in the VB code is the ".Action=1" command that I understand actually executes the report.

From what I read online, the 20534 error is mostly a generic crystal message that covers a variety of things. For the database dll message, most things point to a problem in the query the report is running. Here's the problem - I can open and run the report in report designer just fine. No problems at all. In fact, I can debug the VB, and while it's sitting at the .Action line erroring out, I can open the .rpt file and run it and it pulls the current data I'm expecting.

What the heck do I try next? Other crystal reports work on the same server that this is running from, and reinstalling crystal isn't really an option. Is there a DLL I can try and reregister? Is there something else to try? Thanks much for ANY ideas or help!