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Jun 02, 2009 at 10:37 PM

HR COnflicts


Hi HR Experts,

I am trying to find the HR Conflicts in My new ECC system so executed tcode: /VIRSA/ZVRAT and selected the Human resources radio button in the 1st part and then Security Admin (Not sure whether this is right option so corect me if i am wrong) in the 2nd part and then executed........

In the second screen I selected Object type:S, Object ID: 1 to 50000726, Sod Risk Level : All radio button, Report Type: SOD at Authorization Object Level, Report Format: Detailed report radio button,

User Type: All , Exclusion: did not select any, Rule matrix: Global and systems Local

But I did not get any conflicts so please let me know how to get HR conflicts on Object level,

ours is new ECC dev system so we did not build any end user roles so before we build I need to know the conflicts in HR generally and we decided to have position based / indirect assignment of users. please advise and suggest to get the HR conflicts