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Jun 02, 2009 at 04:59 PM

Infoset of Query, access Query select-option in Infoset code, how


Hello all,

I am attempting to access a select-option from a query in the coding section of the Infoset, "AT START-OF-SELECTION". Since the select-option does not exist in the infoset, I am attempting to use a field-symbol to reference the query selection-option range table.

Ultimately what I want to do is modify the range table based upon the user's authority, deleting individual values or ranges they do not have read access to and creating a pop-up notifying the user.

The following code is what I started with. This does not pass the syntax check, but hopefully you will be able to understand what I'm attempting to do.

This is the syntax error:

"SP$00001" and "<T_ITAB>" are type-incompatible".

ranges: wa for bseg-hkont.

types: t_wa like wa.


field-symbols: <t_itab> type table.

assign 'SP$00001' to <t_itab> . " Query select-option

loop at <t_itab> into wa.

  • delete if line does not pass authority check


*If any line didn't pass authority check, and was deleted

  • display popup with info.