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Jun 02, 2009 at 04:43 PM

Internal table


I have internal table of 3 fields ebeln ebelp vgabe

If the PO combination has only one entry and the VGABE is equal to 2, then its determined as a successful entry and in case the PO combinations is holding more than one entry then within those entries, if we have any combination like 2,1,1 or 1,2,2, or 1,1,2..any combination these are to be termed as failure entries.

Hence as per this assumption, for the above entries, when taken into consideration, for 940000206, we have 1,1,1,2..this is failure entry. For 940000219, we have 1,2 ..even this is a failure entry. Assumeu2026if we have an entry 940000220 with only one entry with the VGABE is equal to 2, then this is termed as successful entry

for eg:

ebeln ebelp vgabe

940000220 020 1

940000221 010 1

940000221 020 2

940000222 010 1

940000222 020 2

940000223 010 2

From the above code i need to get ONLY with only one entry with the VGABE is equal to 2

i.e, 940000223 need to be retrieved...

Can anyone send me the logic to get only one entry record having vgabe =2.