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how to block delivery document creation without setting credit limit?

Nov 14, 2016 at 10:33 AM


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Dear all,

I have a requirement:

(a.) Need to block delivery document creation if the document value is above 2,50,000/- (and this limit is for just one delivery document creation not for multi delivery documents creation) (b.) System should block only for a particular dealer.
(c.) Release of delivery block should be allowed further only by higher level management.

I have an understanding that I might not fulfil this requirement using credit management. Because I feel that credit management does not address this requirement completely. My point (a.) says that, this limit of 250,000 is just for one delivery document creation rather not for multiple delivery documents creation. If its multiple delivery document creation (where 3 or 4 delivery docs reach the limit of 250,000) then credit management would be been the perfect solution. Kindly guide me how can I proceed further.

Note: multiple delivery documents creation should not be considered in this validation.
Ex: I created 5 deliveries, each delivery document value is 60K, the total of 5 documents will be 300,000/- In this case, as per credit management concept, system will restrict the 5th delivery document (because it is above 250,000). But this is not my requirement. The requirement is to restrict any one delivery document creation where its value is above 250,000. We are not setting credit limit here at all.

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2 Answers

mmak . Nov 15, 2016 at 04:54 AM

Let me add a scenario here to make the requirement understandable more clear.

I created a sales order for 100 quantities. The document value for 100 quantities is 10,00,000.00 INR (10 lacs). There is no validation at order creation level. Any client wants to grow his business, so no ban on opportunities (sales order creation).

So, as per the validation mentioned in my above comment (that is to block delivery creation if doc value is above 250,000 in delivery), I should be able to create delivery only upto 25 quantities (that is upto 250,000). There is no restriction on minimum delivery document value.

Note: delivery document does not show its document value. The document value should be considered from the sales order for validation.

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Veselina Peykova
Nov 15, 2016 at 04:45 AM

A) There is credit check against maximum document value in OVA8.

B) Create a separate risk category for this customer with Maximum document value set.

C) This one is tougher - there is authorization object for value classes (V_VBUK_FRE), but this value class is valid for the whole credit control area; the object for credit representative group (V_KNKK_FRE), but it works for % used. I don't think that a combination of these can achieve the restriction, which you need, but you can speak with the security experts in your company, if you wish. The only solution, that I can think of, is restricting the use of VKM* and switching to workflows for credit approval. This is in case you wish to keep a few other credit checks for this special customer (most likely scenario). If the only check, that you want to perform for him, is document value, then it is easy - just use authorization object V_KNKK_FRE, there is risk category in it.

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Dear Veselina,

I appreciate your response.

But I have a question, if I use credit management concept, by setting 250000 limit, I can create as many as delivery documents until I reach the limit (250000). It means here system accumulates the total amount of all delivered documents and have a record. Only after crossing the limit of 250000, system validates (restricts) for further delivery documents creation. Later, once the customer clears his arrears, system allows to create further delivery documents.

But this is not my requirement. My client wants:
(a) to restrict delivery document creation (if above 250,000) without setting credit limit.
(b) to restrict only few dealers (not all channels and not all customers who are dealers)
(c) release of such blocked deliveries should be allowed by higher rankers.


Dear Veselina,

Let me re-correct my requirement "point (a)"
To restrict each delivery document creation (if above 250,000) without setting credit limit.
Ex: sales order is created for 10 lacs (100 quantities). You can create as many as delivery documents until 100 qty is reached. But no delivery document should be above 250000 value (in other words above 25 quantities). Restriction should be value based but not quantity based.


Maximum document value check does exactly that - it blocks documents exceeding the value of 250 000 - no matter if you have sufficient credit or not.

In a past project we used that feature as a way to prevent people from creating orders with high value for cash customers (this was a part of a legal requirement). We allowed order save, but it went to credit block (this is a separate status, not related to credit limit check) and we sent the workflow item to the responsible people, who reviewed the order and usually performed split. I believe, the same can be done for delivery credit check, we just did not use it in our process.