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Jun 02, 2009 at 02:01 PM

Error handling using fault message type in outbound synchronous ABAP proxy



We've a scenario, outbound synchronous ABAP proxy to synchronous SOAP receiver. The requirement is to send multiple records in a single rquest and get response for all the records sent (in the same response message).

Say if I send 10 records from ECC, I should get 10 records as response from SOAP to ECC. But the problem here is, there could be some invalid requests, for which an invalid error status code should be sent as part of response.

Source Structure


req (0..unbounded, string)

Response Structure


Resp (0..Unbounded)

respString (0..1, String) (carries the actaul response message)

status code (0..1, String) (carries the status of the response, for ex, 001 (successful), 002 (error))

And now we are planning to make use of Fault Message Type, to track the errors from SOAP (status code 002). But, we are not sure on how to track this for all the requested records. Is it possible to track the errors for all the requested records in a singe call using fault message type? For eg if 8 records are successful and 2 are invalid, then we should get 10 records in response 8 for valid and 2 for invalid accordingly.

Please calrify.