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Former Member
Jun 02, 2009 at 01:45 PM

Sapscript page display setup


Hi Experts,

I'm facing a program in sapscript in the page setup and need advice and guidance from all experts. Presently, my page setup is

First Page

Page            FIRST           
Meaning         First page      
Next page       NEXT            
Page Counter    Initiatize Counter

Next Page

Page            NEXT           
Meaning         Next page      
Next page       NEXT            
Page Counter    Increase Counter

It will print the first page, if more data, it will print continue in next page and subsequence to next page again.

Now, my requirement is I need to print another printout, let's name as Final Page.

This printout will be printed, no matter how many pages there are.

For example the sequence of printout can be

1) FIRST page, FINAL page.


2) FIRST page, NEXT page, FINAL page


3) FIRST page, NEXT page, NEXT page, NEXT page, FINAL page.

Could someone guide me how to I proceed with this?

Thanks in advance.