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Jun 02, 2009 at 12:18 PM

** Inbound IDoc - One field is missing but it is displayed in SXI_MONITOR


Hi Friends,

We have developed IDoc to IDoc scenario. Source IDoc is sent from 3rd party system. Target is an Z IDoc (Replica of VEHCLE01 IDoc).

When we test the source IDoc XML from RWB, the message processed successfully in SXI_MONITOR and target IDoc is also created in backend SAP system. But, the problem is that, in target payload there are 5 fields. But, in the physical idoc created in SAP system has only 4 fields. The last field is missing.

Since it is inbound IDoc, I deleted the IDoc meta data in IDX2 txn, and reimported again the Z IDoc. But, again the same problem is coming. i.e one field is missing in inbound IDoc. But, in the receiver payload, that field is there with value.

Kindly clarify, friends.

Kind Regards,

Jegathees P.