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Jun 02, 2009 at 11:29 AM

CR4E license for web application




Soon I'm going to start a new project as web-application. We need to find some solution for our reporting and PDF generation. We played a litlle bit with CR4E - very nice. We liked it. Then we tried to get know more about how much does it cost for us or owr client. And we are confused, because of very poor or not exact explanation. When it is about money there should be better explanation (maybe with examples).


I'll try to explain what we understood:

- CR4E is totally free when using it as development tool, so we don't need to pay for it anything (also client).

- CR4E has limited possibilities for designing, so it is possible to buy CR2008.

- Any client doesn't have to pay for CR2008. Only developer-company must do it.

- And license for CR2008 is not related with the number of clients that will use these reports.


// so CR will be used in the completed product only for viewing the reports.

- Do we (or our client) need any license if it web-application for client's internal use? So the application is opened only for the client's workers and contractors.

- Do we (or our client) need any license if we create web-application as boxed product. So anyone can buy it.

- Do we (or our client) need any license if client decides to show some report PDFs outside their company. For example they will create some kind of user-portal.

- Do we (or our client) need any license if client sends some PDFs outside (for example, invoices)?

We are waiting for the answers, we need to start very soon. And still thinking of what tools using.