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DB6 installation (sapinst) - directory saptmp1

Nov 14, 2016 at 10:11 AM


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I have a question about the DB2 strategy to a directory that is created by default in the SAP installation (as of version 10.5):

/db2/SID/saptmp1/ (located Tablespace: PSAPTEMP16 and SYSTOOLSTMPSPACE)

Here it appears in the new version that the temp. Tablespaces are no longer distributed over all sapdata directories. Instead of that the temp. TB is stored separately. Is there a recommendation here, such number of saptmpX = number of sapdataX (separated LUNs) or something, or is it now wanted in DB strategy to use a single Filesystem saptmp1 for the temp. TBs?

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Maria Shen
Nov 21, 2016 at 03:07 AM

Hello Mark Eifert,

As of DB2 10.1, saptmp directories are always used for tem­porary tablespaces (regardless of whether you use automatic storage or not). If automatic storage is used, the temporary tablespaces are assigned by default to the storage group SAPTMPGRP.

By default, the installer creates four directories (saptmp1, saptmp2, saptmp3, saptmp4). If you require more or fewer directories, you can change the number of directories on the Tablespace Layout dialog of the installer.

On the Tablespace Layout dialog of the installer, you can also decide whether you want all directories stored under one pa­rent directory (saptmp or sapdata).

  • With DB2's automatic storage:
    ○ /db2/<DBSID>/saptmp<n> or /db2/<DBSID>/saptmp/saptmp<n> (for DB2 10.1 and higher)
    ○ /db2/<DBSID>/sapdata<n> or /db2/<DBSID>/sapdata/sapdata<n> (for DB2 up to and including V9.7)
  • No automatic storage:
    /db2/<SAPSID>/saptmp<n> or /db2/<SAPSID>/saptmp/saptmp<n>

You can find the same in chapter 3.7.1 the installation guide (version 2.4).

Installation of SAP Systems Based on the Application Server ABAP of SAP NetWeaver 7.1 to 7.5 on UNIX : IBM DB2 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows

Thank you.

Kind regards

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