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Former Member
Jun 02, 2009 at 06:10 AM

History preserving problem


Hi everyone

I am absolutely a beginner to use Data Integrator designer version XI 2.0. I have read the BO tutorial and started to work to write a job to fill a target table which I created from different source existing tables.

To have History preservation, I added TableComparison, History Preserving and Key generation between my query and the target table.

I have set it to keep the history of the target record if one or all of the 4 columns which I had determined, changed. These compare columns are: DateOfBirth, CoutryOfBirth, postcode and City.

To check the functionality of the history preserving, I JUST changed one of the column above(DateOfBirth) in JUST one record of my source. Then when I ran the job, I expected that because of history preserving, just one record had been added to the total number of the target table, but the total number of target was about 100 records more! I ran the job again without any changes to source, and noticed the target even grew more! I haven't change any column value in my source, so why is the target is growing in each run?

Between each running we HAVE TO truncate the target table?

Any help is really appreciated.