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How to alert some moderator to moderate something?

Nov 14, 2016 at 10:06 AM


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Hi, some contributions seem to be overlooked by moderators. My very first contribution to the coffee corner was stuck for two weeks. Now my comment to is waiting for moderation for already 11 days. By the way I have no Idea why this comment needs moderation and I have no Idea who moderates there.

How to remind moderators to moderate?

Regards, Lutz

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I did not find out how to alert a moderator.

I also still don't know why my comment needed to be moderated.

But I was able to approve it myself without being a moderator (!) using

Very confusing. Any explanation?

Cheers, Lutz


Hi Lutz,

Thanks for the tip!

I as well can approve my comments to other peoples blog posts :o :)



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Moshe Naveh
Nov 16, 2016 at 03:46 PM


Whenver you encouter issues with moderation please send an Email to .

I hope this doesn't happen again.



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Jürgen L
Nov 14, 2016 at 04:28 PM

First of all you used the right approach to post under this tag as you cannot alert a moderator on your own content.

An additional alert would not make a moderator faster. The moderator has to check his moderation queue. The number next to the avatar reminds him about a new alert, beside of his other notifications for replies on his own content and answers, like it is for you too.

If the moderator is not here to review the first alert, then he will not see the second alert either.

That users can approve own comments must be a bug, and this eventually may also be an excuse that the moderator might not even have a notification about something that has to be approved or not even an item in his moderation queue.

I reported it in our moderator jam group for further analysis.

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Hi Jürgen, I should have been more precise. Of course there are good and understandable reasons why a volunteer moderator might be inactive. I would not dare to blame one of those. It also would be natural if there were problems in orchestrating moderators over the community once in a while.

So this question was more intended to ask how to alert some of the full time staff that there might something wrong with moderation in a certain area of the community and that somebody should have a look if there are enough active moderators or something like this.