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Jun 01, 2009 at 06:40 PM

Clarification for BADI vs Enhancement Points


Hi ,

I have a doubt regarding BADI's for any SAP Standard Code.

1) I Always implemented a suitable BADI in 4.6c system with my code in the approriate methos.

2) Now i do the same thing if its old badi in ECC 6 System and if its a new BADI ,I implement BADI using enhancement SPOT for badi found from CL_EXITHANDLER=>GET_INSTANCE or i go to SE80 using PAckage and look for approriate Enhancement Spots based on Desc.

Now my question if do a find

enhancement SpoT in the Main Program of SAP Standard T-code.

I get quite a few enhancement points and i can implement any one of those enhancement points as well. - I mean explict enhacement points/ Sections

My question is

1) I can have my custom code both by implementing a BADI(By writing Code in METHOD) or By implementing the Enhancement Point found using Search in MAIN program and writing my code there.

Am i right or wrong that the above approaches can be used to inject custom Functionality.

2)Atleast by looking Method Desc (Within a BADI -WITHIN A ENHANCEMENT POINT) Found using PACKAGE NAME gives you an idea as where we have to introduce custom code.

But THE ENHANCEMENT Points fOUND Using search in MAIN pROGRAM doesnot give you a hint as to where your custom code had to be injected

or let me put this way

when we will implement EXPLICIT Enhancement Points and when will we use implemnetion of a badi using enhancement spot

I din't find any posts regarding .

Moderators : Don't lock this post as lot of the users seem to have this confusion.

I would appreciate if anyone can throw some light on this



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Edited by: venki gundla on Jun 1, 2009 8:46 PM