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May 31, 2009 at 03:21 AM

Cannot Cancel Invoice in MR8M


When i cancel vendor invoice in MR8M, it prompt error message "Old FM line item <IR no / line item> could not be found" and not allow me to proceed.

PO created on Aug/2006

GR delivered on Dec/2006

IR/ invoiced on Nov/2007

now want to cancel invoice on May/2009

We are using Fund Mangement module. I do no know is it because of no commitment carry forward to year 2007 (since the PO and GR done on year 2006) and now if cancel the invoice in year 2009, it cannot find the FM line item. I tried to re-constuct PO using FMN4N or FMJ2 but show no data.

Please help me how to cancel the invoice in this situation. Anything i need to do in FM module to overcome this ?

Many thanks.