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May 30, 2009 at 10:41 PM



Im in the process of configuring Single sign on to use the UME. During the configuration I hit a point that the UME wasn't allowing any more logins. I have not completed the LDAP configuration yet and SPNego is still pointing to the wrong ldap server. Now I am stuck, since I can not login to the ume with the administartor pw and I can not use any of the userids in the LDAP. All the id's that were in the UME are not allowing me to login. They are giving me this error:

"user is already authenticated as a different user"

I get that for all UME id's.

The LDAP id's get no message at all but don't allow logins.

Any ideas how I can get the UME id's working again. Especially administrator so I can login.

I have no problems logging into the VA or Configtool the only problem is in the UME.