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May 29, 2009 at 01:41 PM




I have Development Component of type EJB Module (DC1) that includes one EJB with business methods.

Also, there is defined a java class representing a object (ObjectBean) that is used as parameter of some of the business methods.

The EJB Module generates two public parts: ejbjar (assembly) and client (compilation).

ejbjar puclic part is used by the EAR deployed in the server.

client public part can be used by another DCs which make use of the EJB business methods (via remote and local interfaces).

I have defined another public part: MyPublicPart, that includes the bean object (ObjectBean).

I have a second Development Component (DC2) of type WebDynpro that access the EJB business methods. This DC uses client and MyPublicPart public parts of the EJB Module DC (DC1).

The idea is that any DC in the project that wants to use the business logic in the EJB must use of the WebDynpro DC (DC2 is like a proxy of DC1). The motivation of this is that the developed DCs do not have to use local and remotes interfaces stuff (this is handled by the WebDynpro DC)

The problem in this scenario is the bean object (ObjectBean).

If I develop my custom DC (DC3) that needs to use business methods of DC1, I can use DC2 but I cannot import ObjectBean class...

Which is the best way to follow??

One of the options I thought is to include ObjectBean not in the EJB Module DC, in another DC that would be shared among the project DCs....

Any ideas?