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May 29, 2009 at 10:45 AM

Each BPC SSIS package erases detail log generated by the previous task



I use BPC 5.1 SP9. I have created a SSIS package with the following tasks:

1. Convert task

2. Admin task (optimize cube)

3. Load cube (Import to cube)

4. Admin task (optimize cube)

It seems that each task erases the detail log generated by the previous one. Indeed, when I disable task 4, I have the following detail log:


Submit Count : 1252 (Record count in source file : 1409)

Accept Count : 1218

Reject Count : 34

It is an invalid member. Please check this member name.::SPLIT_GSINDAZ in SPLIT Dimension

When task 4 is unable, this log disappears.

I have tried to activate/desactivate the DEBUG mode but it doesnt't work.

Any ideas?