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May 29, 2009 at 05:08 AM

Posted One-Time Ledger Re-appear in Plan Item


Hi Expert,

I have a contact with Actual Rental and One-Time Ledger Rental (dated 15.05.2007 with RM6000). The cash flow appear correctly (just appear actual rental) before i enter a new one time ledger rental.

When i insert a new One-Time Ledger Rental dated 01.05.2009 (RM500), why the old posted One Time Ledger Rental (15.05.2007, RM6000) row appear also in cash flow in Display Plan Item view ? If i save new one time retnal and execute Periodic Posting (RERAPP), the old one time ledger also incuded.

I tried for other contract is ok, this only happen to one of the contract. Can anyone help me why before insert one-time rental it display fine but after insert new one time rental, the old row also appear as plan item ?

Thanks in advance