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May 28, 2009 at 04:59 PM

Jco Destination


Hi everyone, i´m having a problem with the RFC Metadata of an aRFC,

i´m declaring both, the Metadata and Modeldata Destination Type as Application Data - Single Server Connection. I made a test and seems that everything is ok with both, but when I run my application, the following message comes out : 'WD_VARIANTES_RFC_METADATA_DEST' not properly defined! Unable to create Metadata connection for Dictionary Provider. Either the logical System Name 'WD_VARIANTES_RFC_METADATA_DEST' has not been properly defined in the System Landscape Directory, or you are not using a MsgServerDestination (AppServerDestinations are not permitted for Metadata connections)

then because of that, i try to declare de METADATA destination type as Dictionary Metadata - load balanced but when i test the destination, the following error is displayed.$Exception: (102) RFC_ERROR_COMMUNICATION: Connect to message server host failed Connect_PM  TYPE=B MSHOST=xxxxx GROUP=SPACE R3NAME=QAS MSSERV=sapmsQAS PCS=1 ERROR       service 'sapmsQAS' unknown TIME        Thu May 28 11:52:53 200 RELEASE     700 COMPONENT   NI (network interface) VERSION     38 RC          -3 MODULE      nixxhsl.cpp LINE        776 DETAIL      NiHsLGetServNo: service name cached as unknown COUNTER     1

I also have checked the Logon Group used in R/3, and its there, its the same, then the Technical System declared in SLD may have a wrong Message Port Server because I don´t know where to find it, I try the SM51 transaction to find it out but i didnt find it. The crazy thing is that the Modeldata tests and ping fine.