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Safety Stock in Deployment

Hi experts,

I have the following problem regarding Deployment Heuristics.

Safety stock is ignored by deployment heuristics, but I need to take into account safety stock level at source location when ATD quantity is calculated.

In other words, I would subtract the safety stock from the ATD quantity via suitable category settings.

However, Safety Stock is not a livecache key figure, so it's not possible to assign it an order category.

I've found OSS 325830, that suggests to use an USER-EXIT, but this isn't in my release (APO 4.10).

Could you help me?

Thank you,


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2 Answers

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    Jun 10, 2009 at 07:10 AM


    Which Safety Stock method are you using ? Also please see if the Supplies are sufficent. Because System will first deploy for Fcst. Moreover Deployment happens as per the PRs created and Stock availability. So what you need to check is whether the PR creation is taking care of the Safety stocks.



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  • Jun 10, 2009 at 08:15 AM

    Safety Stock is normally modelled in SNP to bump up the requirement during Net Requirement Calculation and thereby create additional receipts equal to the Safety Stock quantity. Thus the total receipts will be more and available for Deployment. But normally Safety Stock Requirement is not added to ATD Issues Category Group (ATI). As a result Deployment Heuristic does not consider Safety Stock Requirement and hence ATD quantity being less, less quantity of receipt is deployed.

    However if you want to hold a percentage of Safety Stock Requirement to be deployed then that corresponding portion of requirement needs to be added to ATI category group. This is because on the receipts side (ATR) there is no way to separately identify orders generated to meet additional requirement raised owing to Safety Stock.

    To map this - Safety Stock Requirement ATP Category SR generated as liveCache orders by PPDS Heuristic SAP_PP_018 (algorithm /SAPAPO/HEU_PLAN_SAFETY_STOCK) can be enhanced using BADI definiton /SAPAPO/RRP_SFTY_STK to split the total safety stock requirement into two categories SR and say ZR. Add this additional category ZR to ATI Category Group in config.

    So when you run Deployment Heuristic, ATI containing the portion of Safety Stock Requirement ZR will try deploying from receipts.

    Method UPDATE_IO_NODES can be coded to pass the new requirement for category ZR in CT_INPUTS parameter. Remember with this you get two order element for each original Safety Stock requirement. If you are using PPDS Product View / Requirement View need to be enhanced (using BADI /SAPAPO/RRP_IO_COL) so that the Safety Stock Requirement line entry shows the cumulative value of SR and ZR. Otherwise Safety Stock Requirement will show up as two line entries totalling the actual Safety Stock Requirement.

    Hope this helps.


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