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what's the steps to change the normal fiscal year variant to year-dependent?

Hi gurus,

Now i am trying to change the fiscal year variant to year-dependent?

Which steps should i follow? And for the previous year, can the data be kept as before?

Only the new year will follow the new fiscal year variant?



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  • Still not clear what you are asking... If you speak of posting variant (OB37), then you cannot determine it as year-(in)dependent, it's just the way it is. If you speak of changing the periods pattern of this posting variant, then search SCN archive; there are plenty of posts about the subject. It could be difficult or easy depending on the settings. Sometimes, an intervention from SAP or level-ranked expert would be required. If you speak of some other variant, please, specify which one.

  • Hi Cindy

    High level steps I can think of:

    1. Create a new shortened fiscal year from the last date of current fiscal year end till 31st Dec. So if your fiscal year ends on 20th Nov 2016, than from 21st Nov 2016 till 31st Dec, you need to create a shortened fiscal year and assign the same to company code. The below blog should be helpful

    2. Than on 31st Dec after closing the books you assign the new fiscal year variant starting from 01st Jan 2017.

    Now all the fiscal year related changes are primarily in the below areas:

    SD - In case you are using planned revenue functionality, than the OSS Notes 180501, 158124 and 98745 are very relevant.

    The notes 197211 and 442174 are relevant in case you are using scheduling agreements.

    CO - The biggest impacted areas in CO are Material Ledger, Commitment Management and Product Costing and planning. The relevant notes I remember in one of my earlier engagements are 90712, 191962 and 780436 for Commitment Management.

    The biggest impact is Asset Accounting, where you need to test thoroughly the asset accounting processes. There are specific notes for change impact processes for Asset Accounting as well. I do not have it handy though immediately.

    You will also need to use SAP SLO service to do this easily. Please refer to OSS Note 2087660 for further details. There is a reference questionaire which needs to be filled and sent to SAP for approach for your specific case.


    Sanil Bhandari

  • Former Member Sanil Bhandari

    Hi Sanil Bhaandari,

    Many thanks for your information!

    Could you telll me what's the impact on material ledger? Or do you have any notes refer to it?



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