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May 28, 2009 at 11:58 AM

Composite selection groups in step "Maintain table reduction" ?


Hello forum,

I have a table ZMCHA that I want to filter in the same way as the standard MCHA (I am talking about TDTCC here).

MCHA is filtered with selection group G_WERKS (you can see that in table CNVMBTCOBJ).

I wanted to apply this selection group to ZMCHA in step "Maintain table reduction", but from what I see you can only apply "simple" selection groups in the transaction, not "composite" selection groups (in CNVMBTSELGRPDEF you can see that G_WERKS = G_WE + G_WE_SP; I can apply G_WE or G_WE_SP in the transaction, but not both).

I did manage to apply G_WERKS by changing tables CNVMBTCOBJ and CNVMBTSELREF directly, but would it be possible to do it in the normal transaction? Am I missing something?

Another related question: in that same transaction, if want to choose "no transfer" for a given table I have to double click it, the system will try to find possible selection groups (which takes some seconds) and then I choose no transfer. Obviously, if I want to choose "no transfer" there's no need for the system to determine the possible selection groups, and avoiding that would make the configuration much faster. Again, am I missing something in the transaction, or is the best option to go directly to CNVMBTCOBJ and forget that transaction?

Hope I was clear,

Thanks in advance for any help,

Rui Dantas