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Former Member
May 28, 2009 at 11:18 AM

"wdp" folder missing under the bin folder


Hi All,

I have no clue whats going on.

I have been successfully developing my WD application and deploying it on the server.But recenetly i added a few Value Nodes and value attributes to the Component Controller and tried to deploy the application but the deployment terminated in between without any messages.

I the rebuild the project and saw a lot of errors pertaining to my Import Statements in my java files which i am using for writing my business logic.

The unresolved import is the Interface file of my component controller.On checking further inside the bin folder in the navigator view I found that the "wdp" folder itself is missing.

I even deleted all the Value nodes and attributes that i had created but it didnt solve the problem.The "wdp" folder is created internally by the system.

I even created a new WD project and pasted the contents from the previous project but the same wdp folder went missing again.

Can someone tell me whats happening. Why is the "wdp" folder missing and how i can regenrate it so that my application may work again.

i am not being able to slove it at all.

Warm Regards