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Aug 14, 2018 at 06:28 PM

Tile Edit Configuration in Custom Application

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Hello Experts,

I am looking for the Tile Edit view configuration (after much Try I decided to post of SAP Forum). Below are steps I did followed to make success for my scenario but very less progress.

1. I have one Object with many fields, 1 field represents Higher Handling Unit(HU) if its value is set to 'X'. I have shown the List of all Higher HU in records with checking in rule for same field value as 'X'.

My Requirement:

2. Once I select any record from Higher HU, on click on Button I need to show Sub HU with respect to selected HU Number.

Here in Single Object record there are 3 fields (important for current scenario) as fields which represent isHigherHU (X or Blank), Higher and Lower HU. On first list screen Higher HU list is displayed from Main > GoodsReceiptCollection> where isHigherHU='X'.

Now I have declared one EditTransaction on GoodsReceipt Object, one ScreenSet for Transaction, and there one Tile Edit filed in Screen. This TileEdit fields is having some properties settings where I mentioned my other Transactions Screens.

Current Output is having all Higher HUs and Lower HUs, I tried to use SubAction and also loop over collection of Main Object in SubAction.

Can anyone suggest best option to avoid Tile Edit or how I can proceed with Tile Edit option?

Multiple Records for Higher HU should be shown in Edit state, I have to modify and store in same object.