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Aug 14, 2018 at 03:27 PM

Stock difference with Serial numbers in ECC and EWM


Hi Friends,

I would like to understand how we handle stock difference with serial numbers in EWM and ECC. For e.g. if we found stock with serial number in bin during PI which is not available in ECC. During final posting from EWM updates triggered to ECC and queue gets stuck in ECC with error 'Maintain serial numbers for total qty'. How we correct stock in such case so that stock at ECC and EWM match with correct serial numbers.

Secondly , in ECC and EWM serial numbers are equal but bin stock numbers and sloc stock numbers have difference. E.g. Bin stock is 100 numbers showing 100 serial numbers in monitor but at sloc it shows stock 96 numbers but shows 100 serial numbers (right click and select serial numbers in MMBE).We took dump of serial numbers of monitor and sloc and it matched. How we address this.

Please reply on above 2 cases.

Thanks for your time.