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May 28, 2009 at 07:14 AM

No HTTP port defined in Exchange Profile for sld


Hi all,

During the BI and portal connectivity, we successfully executed the template installer, however, we have not yet imported the abap and related sp from SAP note.

After successful execution of template installer or CTC, we ran the supportdesk tool resolved errors and are left behind with two errors as below.

ERROR 1. RED BI Mastersystem


Error while connecting to BI mastersystem via RFC: Checks related to ABAP information cannot be executed because an outdated version of function module RSPOR_SETUP_CHECK is implemented. Please implement the recent version of note 937697.


Check connection properties in Portal Systemlandscape for the property category 'Connector' (Systemlandscape/SAP_BW)

Issue: Now looking at connector properties that are set by CTC are complete and set. Connection Test for both Connector and SAP Web AS Connection are successful, only ITS is neither setup by template nor by us. Please suggest how to resolve this.

ERROR 2. RED Error in Check Class:

(Error during retrieval of inverse user mapping for ABAP user 'null': No backend user ID provided for inverse user mapping. com.sapportals.portal.prt.runtime.PortalRuntimeException:...)

Looking at log file server<#>/log/defaultTrace.trc it points the following error:

No HTTP port defined in Exchange Profile for sld.BIW.bcs AND

Error reading from AII properties for sld.BIW.bcs


MESSAGE ID: Parameter httpPort has the invalid value null

Issue: Checking we find that ICM is running with correct dns and port 8000 (http), only smtp is holding port 0. Where do we maintain http port for sld? Kindly suggest.

Finally the support desk tool is leaving the following checks with status UNDEFINED, would this impact the connectivity?

1. UNDEFINED Deployed Components

2. UNDEFINED Export check (PDF lib, ADS, ...)

3. UNDEFINED Synchronized Clocks on WebAS Java and ABAP

4. UNDEFINED URLs Prefixes Customized on Both J2EE and ABAP Side

5. UNDEFINED WebAS ABAP Certificate and Login Modules Configuration


Looking at support desk tool and RSPOR_SETUP I notice the errors in RSPOR_SETUP appear green in support desktool such as User mapping (step 12) appears green in support desktool but red in RSPOR_SETUP.

Please suggest.

Best regards.