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May 28, 2009 at 06:24 AM

Error in Database monitoring in Solution Manager Diagnostic


Hello All,

I'm facing issue in configuring Database monitoring for Java system (EP/PI) from Solution manager .

It could be configured from sol man diagnostic >Diagnostic System >Managed system >Database monitoring, ie i'm unable to have java system in DBACOCKPIT system .

I can have connection as successful, but along with it i'm getting error as "Error in CL_DB6_SYS with return code ADBC error", for this issue, i got note # 1263152, i did applied this note, but still no success.

I'm having Sol man system, which is on EHP1 SP2 and rest other java systems are at PI 7.1 & EP 7.0, database is Oracle

Please let me know, if anyone did face such kind of issue & solution for the same...