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May 27, 2009 at 08:04 PM

Height issue for a RAI iview on a page with custom page layout.


I have custom page layout with 2 containet on top and 1 full with on bottom. First 2 are fitted into top 10 % of page and rest is in the bottom 90%.

I have created a page, using above template.

I have added 3 url iviews. and set the iview height type as full page for the third iview which goes in the bottom container of page.

I could see the iview tray was expanded to full page and had no problem.

But, when I assign a RAI iview to the bottom container. Looks like, even after i set the height type of RAI iview to full page. The container is not expanding.

Do i need to set any other setting for this? Please let me know. I am not sure if error is in layout or iview properties. I am ssuming its with the properties because. The URL iview after setting height type to full page it expands well.